Miniascape is the epitome of nature. It imitates nature's charm and expression, wonderful landscape. Within small scale, miniscape can totally display nature's change and the cycle of the seasons. Ancient writers, scholars and calligraphers of various dynasties liked using miniascape to ornament life and nurture sentiment.
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Garden add: Both sides of approach bridge,South side of Qiantang River Bridge No. 2,Hangzhou
Add: No.9 Group,Yingyi Village,Ningwei Town,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou
About Us
        The nursery is one of the biggest private nurseries in HangZhou City, with ten bases almost 495 acres and 300 employees, and we have registered the brand of Chromatic, which is the only branded products of bonsai and trees in XiaoShan District. Our nursery is equipped with one domestic famous bonsai artist and more than technicians. Various species have got the prize in domestic, province, and city. Part of species was exported indirectly. Currently, depend on "people do not I have, I have gifted", low price and excellent service, our products are sold well in nationwide. Nursery mainly manufactures colorful leaves tree species in large quantity. Color lump seeds are photinia fraseri, floral leaf trachelospermum, silver lining pittosporum, aucuba, golden leaves berberis, ilex corunta, ligustrum japonicum, chinese littleleaf box and so on; flowering shrubs are Japan red maple (introduced from overseas, large quantity and complete specifications), acer dissectum, crape myrtle, malus halliana koehne, (middle leaves, small leaves, rice leaves)podocarpus and so on (large quantity and complete specifications); landscape land fall mould and bonsai are ligustrum quihoni(7-15H250-500), podocarpus(4-10H150-350), Japan red maple(4-10H100-300), pyracantha(5-10H150-350), chinese holly(F10-30H200-400), short crape myrtle(8-40H100-400), ulmus parvifolia and trident maple and so on; cylindricality, layer shape is 2-5 layers chinese holly, 3-5 layers sabina chinensis, golden lining chinese littleleaf box pillar, Hokkaido chinese littleleaf box pillar, photinia fraseri pillar, ligustrum japonicum, ilex corunta pillar; ball shapes are photinia fraseri, ilex corunta, golden lining chinese littleleaf box, ligustrum japonicum, sabina chinensis, high pole flowering leaves chinese holly, high pole short crape myrtle, chinese holly balls.
         In order to protect both sides' benefits, customers can order 1-2years production seeds, perennial greening using colorful leaves shrubs, cover plant, border tree and other species. They are including many new species which have good market prospect. Welcome new and old customers come round, inspect goods, contrast, order goods. We have cars to pick up customers in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan!  
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